Target Partners and Grantees

The Learning Coalition (TLC) provides technical assistance and grants primarily to:

  • Complex Area Superintendents and Staff: TLC recognizes the Complex Area Superintendent (CAS) and his/her staff as an important nexus point.  A CAS who believes in partnership participates in community trust circles, leads principal and educator communities of practice, and is a member of the Hawaii Department of Education Leadership Team. Investing in the capacity of this key nexus drives partnership formation and alignment. TLC supports CAS and their staff who have expressed interest and demonstrated initial commitment to community partnership. This includes assisting CAS in the creation of Complex Area Community Councils.
  • Community Based Organizations, Collaboratives (Hui), Associations, Affinity Groups & Intermediaries: Within all communities there are formal and informal entities that are natural nexus points or hubs.  They enjoy expansive social and professional networks. These entities hold great potential for implementing community partnership by serving as intermediaries and gathering places in the partnership development process.  TLC supports stakeholders who have demonstrated leadership and expressed interest in deeper partnerships with schools as well as a commitment to collaborate with other organizations.
  • Schools:  Although complexwide visioning and alignment is the purview of the CAS, CAS are not necessarily the sole drivers of that vision. Sometimes, a CAS may practice a form of servant or distributed leadership, looking to support principals, teacher leaders and communities as they develop a shared strategy for complexwide improvement.  This suggests that initial support may be targeted at the school and school community level. With a commitment from the CAS, TLC may partner with interested schools that demonstrate the capacity for partnership and the ability to convene and engage other schools in their complex.
  • Hawaii Department of Education (HiDOE): While the primary point of TLC’s engagement with the HiDOE remains the CAS, HiDOE as a whole must embrace the CAS, principals and educators in implementation. TLC partners with the HiDOE to embed community partnership skills in its induction & mentoring and teacher leader, principal and CAS preparation. It also supports HiDOE in recommending policy and implementation plans and rethinking job descriptions and positions in the context of a statewide community partnership framework.
  • Hawaii Board of Education (HiBOE): Currently, there are no significant policy obstacles to implementation of community school partnerships.  Nonetheless, it is in the long-term interest of the HiDOE and communities that the sentiments and commitments articulated in the HiDOE Strategic Plan be enshrined in policy.  Alignment of policy and practice is critical to effective implementation, particularly in regard to governance and accountability.  TLC also invests in activities that inform and enable the HiBOE to create a supportive policy environment for this work.

The Learning Coalition does not:

  • Fund outside of Hawaii
  • Provide general operating funds or grants for ongoing programming or fundraising
  • Provide technical assistance or grants to schools without the explicit support of the Complex Area Superintendent and Principal
  • Accept unsolicited requests for funding