Core Beliefs

  • Education is a key lever in improving individual and communal wellbeing because it is highly and positively correlated with so many critical social indicators.
  • All communities are stewards of local wisdom and possess problem solving potential; therefore, partnership with local communities can be catalytic. Drawing on local knowledge builds ownership, accelerates adoption and improves potential for sustainability.
  • Collaboration can often redress complex problems and grasp great opportunities better than work done in isolation, because collaboratives can leverage and mobilize the common wealth of perspectives, wisdom, and resources.
  • Effective community partnership often emerges from within existing circles of trust, as this is minimally disruptive and has potential to leverage social, political and financial capital.
  • Alignment across all levels of engagement is crucial to ensure mutually reinforcing and consistent efforts. This includes alignment of policy, governance, and implementation, alignment within and among communities and agencies, and alignment of schools and complexes across the pre-K to 20 continuum.