Investment History

Grantee/ContractorAmountGeographic Impact AreaStrategic PriorityInvestment FormYearsDescription/Purpose
The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation$30,000.00StatewideReadinessTechnical Assistance2017To facilitate the design of a community of practice for Hawaii Department of Education Complex Area Superintendents.
Kauai Planning & Action Alliance$41,000.00KauaiBridgingGrant2017-2018To support the Keiki 2 Career Initiative
Knowledge Inc.$11,000.00West Hawaii (Hawaii Island)Readiness/BridgingTechnical Assistance 2017-2018To provide project management services to the development of Performance Learning Tasks for schools in West Hawaii.
Sofos Learning Solutions$45,000.00West Hawaii (Hawaii Island)Readiness/BridgingTechnical Assistance 2017To serve as Curriculum Develop for the West Hawaii Performance Learning Tasks project.
Grantee/Contractor/ProjectAmountGeographic Impact AreaStrategic PriorityInvestment Form YearsDescription/Purpose
Hawaii Alliance of Non-Profit Organizations$4,500OahuDiscretionaryGrant2016To sponsor the keynote speaker at the annual Hawaii Alliance of Non-Profit Organizations' conference.
Hawaii Environmental Education Alliance (Friends of the Future as Fiscal Sponsor)$112,000 StatewideReadiness/Bridging/ScalingGrant2016-2018To support the implementation of professional development workshops for educators and community stakeholders on environmental education.
Hawaii State Teachers Association (The National Education Association as Fiscal Sponsor)$48,000StatewideReadiness/ScalingGrant2016-2017To create and implement an in-service educator professional development opportunity in partnership with family and community stakeholders.
The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation $83,000StatewideReadiness/Bridging/ScalingGrant2016To assess TLC's strategic investment areas around empowered community partnerships.
Hokupa'a (Friends of the Future as Fiscal Sponsor)$15,500Hawaii IslandReadiness/BridgingGrant2016-2017To further strategic collaboration and alignment among school and community stakeholders to improve youth outcomes.
Hokupa'a (Friends of the Future as Fiscal Sponsor)$50,800Hawaii IslandReadiness/BridgingGrant2016-2017To support programs and partnerships that empower youth, support schools, and connect community to increase the personal, educational, and economic success for the youth of West Hawaii.
Institute for Native Pacific Education and Culture$5,000OahuDiscretionaryGrant2016To support the Grow Your Own National Collective strategic planning process.
Knowledge Inc. $23,000Kauai and OahuBridgingTechnical Assistance2016To provide project management to Kauai and Oahu schools and community partners to develop Performance Learning Tasks.
Mid-Pacific Institute$2,800OahuDiscretionaryGrant2016To support teacher participation in the Kupu Hou Academy professional development workshops.
Pacific American Foundation $40,000OahuReadiness/BridgingGrant2016-2018To support collaboration in the Campbell-Kapolei Complex Area to embed community partnerships into STEM curricula.
Pacific American Foundation $22,000OahuBridging Grant2016-2017To work with Campbell-Kapolei Complex Area and Project Lead the Way to co-create and test a mapping process that brings schools and community together to provide a successful learning environment for students.
Positive Coaching Alliance - Hawaii$25,000KauaiBridgingGrant2016-2017To explore the use of positive coaching strategies and partnerships as a vehicle for comprehensive school culture transformation.
Grantee/Contractor/ProjectAmountGeographic Impact AreaStrategic PriorityInvestment FormYearsDescription Purpose
Aardvark Consulting$2,000StatewideScalingTechnical Assistance2015To develop surveys that assess the effectiveness and importance of school-community partnerships.
Center for Tomorrow's Leaders$2,950Hawaii IslandStudent AgencyTechnical Assistance2015-2016To provide leadership training for the Hokupa'a Youth Council.
Council for Aid to Education $150,000Kauai BridgingGrant 2015-2017To engage community stakeholders and educators in the design of Performance Learning Tasks.
Developing Critical Thinkers LLC$7,500KauaiReadiness/BridgingGrant2015To facilitate partnerships between Waimea High School educators and local community partners, building a sustainable foundation for school-community partnerships.
Friends of Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge$6,200Hawaii IslandStudent AgencyGrant2015-2016To support the Teaching Change program in it's efforts to provide rigorous and engaging conservation education opportunities for students.
Hawaii Arts Alliance$150,000StatewideReadiness/BridgingGrant2015-2018To support Hawaii Arts Alliance's partnership with the Hawaii Department of Education to implement the national Turnaround Arts program.
Hawaii Association of Independent Schools$28,800StatewideBridgingGrant2015To support the Schools of the Future Learning Network's expansion to include partnerships with community organizations for the purpose of furthering student engagement.
Hawaii Children's Foundation$50,000StatewideReadiness/BridgingGrant2015-2016To build the capacity of community partners to provide professional development for educators.
Hokupa'a (Friends of the Future as Fiscal Sponsor)$3,700Hawaii IslandReadinessGrant2015To support Hokupa'a Youth Services forum.
Hokupa'a (Friends of the Future as Fiscal Sponsor)$6,300Hawaii IslandReadinessGrant2015To support continued facilitation of collaborative activities among stakeholders to improve youth outcomes in West Hawaii.
Kailua-Kalaheo Complex Area$125,000OahuReadiness/BridgingGrant2015-2017To support the Windward CTE team in building collaborative partnerships within and in support of CTE pathways.
Kauai Planning and Action Alliance$6,000KauaiStudent AgencyGrant2015To support the "Through the Eyes of Kauai's Youth" that shares students' perspectives on issues in their communities.
Kauai Planning and Action Alliance$32,000KauaiScalingGrant2015-2016To support the development of Keiki to Career Kauai's communications plan.
Ka'u-Kea'au-Pahoa Complex Area$5,000 Hawaii IslandDiscretionary Grant 2015To support displaced students affected by the lava flow in the Puna area.
Knowledge Inc. $15,300KauaiBridgingTechnical Assistance2015To provide project management among Kauai's schools and community partners to develop Performance Learning Tasks.
Kualoa-Heeia Ecumenical Youth Project (KEY Project)$150,000OahuReadinessGrant2015-2017To support KEY Project throughout its' leadership, business, and programmatic transitions to continue providing services for the Windward area.
Leadership That Works$10,700Hawaii IslandReadiness/BridgingTechnical Assistance2015-2016To support the West Hawaii Complex Area and Hokupa'a as they engage in rigorous and authentic school-community partnerships.
Mapping Change, LLC$4,500KauaiScalingTechnical Assistance2015To facilitate the Keiki to Career Leadership Team through a reflective process around community engagement.
Pacific Relevance Consulting LLC$7,000StatewideReadinessTechnical Assistance2015To provide technical assistance to TLC grantees to build community partnerships, categorize community feedback, and improve program planning.
University of Hawaii Foundation for the UH-Manoa College of Education$375,000StatewideReadiness/Bridging/ScalingGrant2015-2018To promote community engagement within and among the College and its partners through the Hawaii Institute for Educational Partnerships.
Grantee/Contractor/ProjectAmountGeographic Impact AreaStrategic Priority Investment FormYears Description/Purpose
Aardvark Consulting$2,095OahuStudent AgencyTechnical Assistance2014-2015To develop surveys for educators, community partners, and students that will inform the development and selection of academies and/or elective course offerings at Castle High School
Academy 21$14,136KauaiBridgingTechnical Assistance2014To provide technical assistance to the Kauai Complex Area Superintendent by drafting community engagement position descriptions
Castle High School Pookela Academy$1,500OahuDiscretionaryGrant2014To provide catering from the Luluku Farmers Association for the first graduation celebration of the Pookela Academy
Emergent Policy and Systems, Inc.$10,000OahuReadinessTechnical Assistance2014-2015To provide technical assistance to the Kahuku Complex through a community-school partnership "Plan-to-Plan" process/pre-planning assessment
Hawaii Afterschool Alliance$3,352
StatewideScalingGrant2014To provide travel stipends for neighbor island participants in the Afterschool and Extended Learning Partners Summit
Hawaii Department of Education $16,200StatewideScalingGrant2014-2015To fund multiple convenings of Complex Area Superintendents, Complex Area Staff, and community partners around school-community partnership
Hawaii Department of Education Summer Institute: Common Core Learning Journey$48,796StatewideScalingGrant2014To support neighbor island travel and logistical coordination and to contract presenters for the conference
Hawaii Environmental Educators Alliance (Tri-Isle as Fiscal Sponsor)
Oahu, Big Island
ReadinessGrant2014-2015To build capacity and facilitate meaningful relationships among environmental education service providers and educators, leading to the co-creation of educational opportunities
Kailua-Kalaheo Complex Area$50,000
OahuReadinessGrant2014-2016To support the creation of Complex Area community advisory councils beginning with Career and Technical Education environmental pathway community partnerships
Kauai Complex Area$65,000KauaiBridgingGrant2014-2016To support the creation and capacity building of a Complex Area Community Council for Kauai
Kauai Planning and Action Alliance$11,460KauaiBridgingGrant2014To provide Design Thinking training for Kauai's Hookele Council and to coordinate an in-depth, two-day Complex Area Design Thinking Imaginarium Workshop for educators, students, and community members
Kauai Planning and Action Alliance$50,000KauaiBridgingGrant2014To support the efforts of the Keiki to Career Coordinator during year two of Navigation Plan implementation and to integrate the Navigation Plan into the Kauai Complex Area Plan
Life Enhancement Institute of the Pacific LLC$3,000OahuStudent AgencyTechnical Assistance2014-2015To support Castle High School Pookela Academy students through the cultural practices of Hooponopono and Lua
Race to the Top Partners Briefing$3,122StatewideDiscretionaryGrant2014To support the Superintendent and education leaders' report to the community on Hawaii Department of Education's strategic plan, Race to the Top, and transformations in teaching and learning
The Canvas (Center for Tomorrow's Leaders as Fiscal Sponsor)$5,400OahuStudent AgencyGrant2014-2015To support demonstrations of student leadership by contributing to the establishment of a student-originated and -driven project to create a motivational and stimulating safe learning space for students
Vision Foresight Strategy LLC$5,000StatewideScalingTechnical Assistance2014-2015To provide grantwriting and research technical asisstance in order to further a climate of school-community partnership in Hawaii
GranteeAmountGeographic Impact AreaStrategic Priority Investment FormYears Description/Purpose
Hawaii Board of Education$5,583StateScalingTechnical Assistance2013-2014To facilitate the Board of Education's policy audit through the services of a contractor
Complex Area Superintendent (CAS) Retreat$2,283StateScalingTechnical Assistance2013To bring CAS together to share successes, ideas, and best practices
Concordia, LLC$6,000StateReadinessGrant2013To reimburse travel expenses for development of 21st Century Schools community engagement next steps
Design Thinking Hawaii
ReadinessGrant2013To allow three community members to participate in a Design Thinking Boot Camp
Hawaii Institute for Public Affairs (HIPA)
Special Project Grant2013To fund coordination and project management of a Systemic Plan for the 21st Century Schools Initiative
Hawaii P-20 Partnerships for Education
$10,350StateScalingGrant2013To support the conducting of focus groups statewide to gather input for aligned school family community partnership standards
Parents for Public Schools Hawaii (PPSHI)$31,400
OahuReadinessGrant2013-2014To support capacity building of schools to conduct Middle School Tours, improving family engagement
Re-imagining Schools and Community Partnerships Conference
StateScaling Grant2013To allow neighbor island community participation by funding travel and accommodation costs
uMinca, Inc.
Special ProjectGrant2013-2014To conduct a feasibility assessment for an immersive education game
Pacific Islander Student Center, UH Hilo
Hawaii Island
Bridging Grant2013To support partnership between UH Hilo and the Ocean View community by funding the INEON art exhibit and Marshallese Student Island Time Event
Luluku Farmers Association $1,500
OahuReadinessGrant2013To convene various stakeholders to discuss leveraging community partnerships for student success
Impact Area
Investment FormYearsDescription/Purpose
Castle Complex Community Council (C4)
BridgingGrant2012-2014To support the Council and its continued role in the Family School Partnership Initiative and Castle Redesign
The Center for College and Career Readiness (CCCR)
OahuReadiness, Bridging Grant2012-2015To enable authentic partnership among community and educators by building capacity in the Common Core Standards and Performance Task Assessment
Hawaii Department of Education (HiDOE)
$3,400StateReadinessGrant2012To fund leadership capacity building for staff
Family Hui$55,000
BridgingGrant2012-2014To improve trust and communication among stakeholders before and during children’s transition into the public education system through a peer-to-peer model
Hawaii Community Foundation (HCF): Pillars of Peace
StatewideGrantTo support the launch of the Pillars of Peace Hawaii Program
Hui for Excellence in Education (HE`E)
Up to $3,000
ScalingGrant2012-2015To reimburse travel costs for HE`E members to attend meetings
Kauai Planning and Action Alliance (KPAA)
KauaiReadinessGrant2012-2013To support the action planning phase of the Keiki to Career Initiative
Pacific American Foundation (PAF)
Readiness, Bridging Grant2012-2014To enable authentic partnership among community and educators by building capacity for effective collaboration and by aligning community-based educational activities with HiDOE sanctioned curricula
College of Education, UH Manoa
StateScalingGrant2012-2015To fund the creation of new modular content on family and community engagement to be integrated into the elementary education teacher preparation program
Hawaii Board of Education $9,000StateReadinessTechnical Assistance2012To provide governance technical assistance for the Board in times of reform
GranteeAmountGeographic Impact Area
Strategic PriorityInvestment FormYears Description/Purpose
Castle Complex Community Council (C4)
Bridging Grant2011To fund the Council and its development of a strategy for comprehensive and uniform family engagement throughout the Complex
The Community Foundation for the District Region
Scaling Grant2011To fund the a gathering of foundations from twelve states invested in Race to the Top
Faith Action for Community Equity
ReadinessGrant2011To fund a Parent Leadership Institute to empower lower income, limited English proficient immigrant parents/guardians of students attending a school in one of Hawaii’s most economically distressed and marginalized communities
Hawaii Community Foundation
ScalingGrant2011To support Race to the Top communications through Hawaii Community Foundation’s Communication Funders Hui
Hawaii Education Matters (HEM)
Bridging Grant2011To enable the development and pilot of a Parent Academy focused on aligning teacher and school academic goals with parent engagement in the Kailua-Kalaheo Complex Area
Hui for Excellence in Education (HE`E)
Scalingn/a2011To support the statewide coalition for engagement with public education
Hawaii Department of Education (HiDOE)
Hawaii Island
Scaling Technical Assistance2011To support a contractor on the Big Island to provide technical assistance for Race to the Top community engagement
Native Hawaiian Educational Outcomes Council (NHEOC)
ScalingGrant2011To fund an advisory council to the Superintendent of Schools that assists the HiDOE in better coordinating efforts to eliminate the Native Hawaiian achievement gap by 2014 (The grant to NHEOC was rescinded in March 2013)
Parents & Children Together (PACT)
Hawaii Island
ReadinessGrant2011-2012To improve academic success among Micronesian youth and families through use of the Positive Deviance framework
Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA)
BridgingGrant2011-2012To integrate school readiness and family engagement components into the YMCA’s family strengthening program “Come…With Me”

*The grant to the Native Hawaiian Educational Outcomes Council was rescinded in March 2013.

Impact Area
Investment FormYearsDescription/Purpose
Education First
Scaling Grant2010To provide support for the developing and authoring of Hawaii’s Race to the Top Application
Hawaii Education Matters (HEM)
OahuReadinessGrant2010To enable grassroots outreach to parents and families
Hawaii Institute for Public Affairs (HIPA)
StateSpecial ProjectGrant2010To fund the HiDOE-Concordia 21st Century Schools Project
Hui for Excellence in Education (HE`E)
Scaling n/a2010To support the statewide coalition for engagement with public education
Hawaii P-20 Partnerships for Education
ReadinessGrant2010To support the Step Up Campaign
Teach for America Hawaii
Oahu and Hawaii Island
ReadinessGrant2010To recruit, train and support highly effective teachers for low income students in Hawaii
Ward Research
StateScaling Technical Assistance2010To assist with Hawaii’s Race to the Top Application
Impact Area
Investment FormYears Description/Purpose
Hawaii Board of Education
ReadinessTechnical Assistance2009To facilitate various roundtable discussions with educational experts
Education First
StateScaling Grant2009To provide support in developing and authoring Hawaii’s RTTT application
Hawaii Institute for Public Affairs (HIPA)
Special Project Grant2009To fund the DOE-Concordia 21st Century Schools Project