Who We Are

The Learning Coalition (TLC) is a Honolulu-based, non-partisan, not-for-profit, private operating foundation dedicated to excellence in Hawaii’s public schools. We believe that achieving excellence in our public education system is a matter of shared responsibility and differentiated accountability. That is, everyone has a unique and critical role to play.

Currently, our niche is to support sustainable community school partnerships that increase student engagement and ultimately lead to improved academic achievement and attainment. Engagement is a recognized driver of academic success. Learners are considered engaged when they demonstrate sustained interest in learning activities, select tasks at the edge of their competencies, and exert intense effort and concentration in completing learning tasks. Learner engagement has been successfully promoted by educators through instructional practices that accommodate differentiated learning styles, involve learners in shaping their own educational pathways, promote trusting relationships with adults, and demonstrate the relevance of studies to learners’ personal goals. Community partnership paired with these promising instructional practices is a demonstrated, cost effective strategy for fostering the dynamic environments that promote academic success across a wide spectrum of learning styles and achievement levels.

We pursue increased learner engagement and improved student outcomes by providing technical assistance and strategic investments to emerging and established stakeholders working to transform our schools and system for the betterment of our keiki. TLC welcomes partners in these efforts as well as opportunities to share our learning.